Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kimono show

After the dance, I also participated in the Kimono fashion show with my friends, just for fun. Hehe, might as well since I was already all dressed for the occasion!

Some experts kitsuke ladies (kimono dressers) are so skillful in their crafts. Within 20 minutes, they were able to put me in this hot pink furisode (long long sleeves!) and tied this whatyoumacallit bow! Wonder if it's fukura suzume?

You know, if the kimono is dressed correctly, it's actually very comfortable. Aren't the bows kawaii?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Debut - Sakura

Sakura means something very special to me. Yes, it's my Nihon Buyo debut! I am thankful that everything went smoothly yesterday. Didn't drop the fan, didn't fall, didn't forget any steps. When you are on stage (well at least for an inexperienced person like me), you really can't do much logical thinking. It seemed like your brain, nerves and muscles were all consumed by stage fright! Honest to heart, I tried to smile but my face muscles just got tensed up. My hands were trembling uncontrollably, hehe lucky that some of my moves also require some fluttering :) Now I understand why my sensei told me to keep practising, it really helped to make the dance moves become second nature to me. I am so relieved when she remarked that yesterday I gave one of my best dance so far :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is it!

The day I've been 'dancing' towards for the last 6 months is finally here! I had my last practice, even though I still have not perfected it, sob sob. Just pray that my fan will not drop when I flip it, or I won't trip and fall flat on my face. My sister told me if it really happens, just switch it to a comedy act :) Haha, very funny, I'll keep that in mind :)

Actually, never mind about my face being squashed, I really do not want to embarass my sensei or shame her iemoto's name. I want to do this for my husband who is always so supportive and trusting no matter what I choose to do. Hehe, a glimpse of my performing kimono, the han-eri (half collar) and the obijime (belt tie) ......

Friday, February 19, 2010


Had a trial run for my hair today with my sensei. Luckily, it went very smoothly. I opted for a more flamboyant, youthful look which kind of contradicts with the traditional conservative Nihon Buyo style. My sensei is so accomodating and she goes along because I like it, I am so grateful! Hehe, just hope her Iemoto (head master) will not see me :)

My kami kazari (hair ornament) and 2 little crystals hairpins. I must have walked all over Tokyo to find this kazari, and the arrangement of the beadings is actually 3-dimensional.

My pink sakura sensu (fan) and its bukuro (bag)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 more days!

2 more days to go. There are still so many loose ends? My kimono set is still missing a few pieces, my hair is still undecided, the logistics of the program seems confusing. Worse, my legs are having cramps! Could it be because I pulled a wrong muscle, or have over-practised? Sensei told me at least practise 10 times a day. But I still feel inadequate after 10 times, so 15 .. 20 .... 25 times, until I feel too tired to dance anymore! Take it easy Jaime, relax, everything will be fine at the end, as it's always the case :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First kimono outing

After a few months of studying kitsuke (kimono dressing) at home, I finally gathered up enough courage to wear a kimono to go out 2 weeks ago. I scheduled 2 hours earlier than usual for this whole ordeal, still I barely made it on time to my Nihon Buyo lesson and was totally exhausted! I was so nervous walking on the street (or more like tiptoe-ing in my zouri/slippers), praying that nothing would get loose or fall apart (*o*)

Yes, wearing a kimono is hard work but it is so worth it at the end :) In fact, kimono is such a fascinating field of knowledge that I love to pursue it further. Similar to wearing a wedding dress, a kimono can fulfill so many beautiful dreams for a woman. I am grateful that my kimono dream has come true right here in Japan. I will write more about kimono and gradually post my humble collection. This soft salmon pink kimono has different shades of murasaki hana (purple flowers), so I chose a deep mauve Nagoya obi with pink roses to match it. The obijime/tie and obiage/scarf are of brighter pink to give a light and cheery mood, perfect for a happy dance :) Yikes, I'm not even sure how to stand and pose in a kimono!

2 more weeks!

Ok, 2 more weeks before the BIG day - my very first solo Nihon Buyo (Japanese traditional dance) performance! I must be nuts (*o*), I am not a dancer, I don't even have a performing bone in my body! What started off as being curious and fascinated to watch is turning out to be a serious interest now. But my sensei is right, one can only gain experience and improve by performing in front of an audience. I guess it's like what's the point of learning voice training if you are only going to sing in the shower? Hehe btw, this is not me :)

For the past year and a half, I have been learning Nihon Buyo on and off, not taking it seriously at all. My only wish was to be able to join in the Bonodori dance with the crowd, so my hubby and son would feel proud of their gal :) I never even dare to dream of performing solo in a music hall in front of a live audience! Thank you moichan for introducing me to Nihon Buyo; thank you Erika for giving me this opportunity and motivating me ....... In the next 10 days - practise, practise, practise!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hmmm ..... where should I begin? It started 4+ years ago when I stumbled into the amazing world of Bae Yong Joon. Little by little, he seemed to have ignited all the 'extinguished' interests that have long gone cold inside me. I started to see, listen, read, feel and enjoy the world with a more loving, pure and sincere heart. Before long, I even attempted to create, write, study and draw.

I believe in God and that everything happens for a reason. If I ever need to drum up with a reason why a contented middle-aged woman stacked far away in Canada would fall for a Korean actor, maybe it's because God has His plan? He was paving the most fulfilling path for me even before we dreamed about moving to Japan? For the past 2 years in Tokyo, every person around us has been most kind, gracious and caring. It's because of these 'angels' from God, our family is able to weave our Sakura dreams under the blessings of the Japanese sky. As we have a few more months left here, I'd like to start penning all my beautiful memories, it'll be a heart-wrenching goodbye .....